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38-46-C / Catherine Boineau / The Great Wall - Beijing, China
78-537-CD / Clark Irwin / A woman rows her wooden boat on the Bassac River - Chau Doc, Vietnam / asia mekong
82-51-CD / Scott Gregory Banner / Sydney Opera House at sunset - Sydney - New South Wales - Australia / Sydney Harbour curved sails illuminated architecture artistic cultural tourism Joern Utzon masterpiece building structure
94-103-CD / Ira de Reuver / Girl sitting on a step of a covered stairway to a pagoda - Hsinbyume Paya - Mingun - Mandalay, Myanmar, Burma / temple Buddhism Theravada traditional worship thanakha
98-36-CD / Serge Halytsky / One of the newest towers of Kamyanets-Podilsky Castle - Ukraine. Only one that's been stuccoed