Photo Agora Software - MacStock
Complete Stock Photography
Management Software

Complete stock photography management which runs in single or multi-user modes with features including: delivery memos, invoicing, client and photo tracking, automatic stock lists, word processing, mail merge, contact management, and statistics of all kinds. Also included are forms for terms & conditions, production shoots, terms of delivery, jobs/estimates/bids, sales reports, etc. Adapts to various numbering systems which can be customized for automatic incrementing of code segments; stores scanned images/thumbnails internally or externally for quick previewing; imports documents created in any application; provides numerous ways of cross referencing and searching for photos; contains forms for bar-code entry & printing; and includes on-line help, self-customization, label printing for slides, prints, envelopes, etc. Quick keyword searches are available for photos, clients, jobs, subjects, invoices, etc.; and easy data access is provided for files of clients, photographers, models, photos, jobs, shoots, sales, photos held, invoices, letters, delivery memos, submissions, etc. via queried lists. A demo and three "feature limited" versions are also available, which can be upgraded by purchasing passwords. Other information and version detail will be sent on request.
MacStock Photo (Photo Collection Organization)  $250
MacStock Tracker  (Stock Photo Organization w/Tracking)  $450
MacStock EX  (Complete Stock Photography Management)  $850
Demo  $40  (applies to purchase)
Support  Free
Upgrades  Call or e-mail
Multi-user  (server & clients)  Call or e-mail
Hardware - Macintosh with System 9.1+ or OS X 10.1+ with Classic; and a minimum of 12 MB free RAM
The first version of MacStock was written in 1985 with marketing begun in 1988. Various versions of MacStock are being used worldwide by individual photographers and stock agencies. The software was written and is continually being updated by Robert Maust, an active stock photographer of 33 years.