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Image number / photographer / caption & keywords for photos on this page:

1-1692-C / David Kreider / James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA
20-38-C / Patrick M. Collins / Veiled Chameleon - Chamaeleo calyptratu
32-131-C / M. B. Escher / Orchid (Laeliocattleya Hybrid) - Volunteer Park Aboretum - Seattle, WA
41-158-C / Gary Bass / Terrier pup with Basset dog (Canis) - Spokane, WA / outdoors animal companion young old home female color big little looking
65-8-C / Sylvester Allred / Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia sp.) Mature Fruits - Alburquerque, NM
70-164-C / Cynthia A. Delaney / Cowboy medicating cattle - Nevada / farm ranch horse
85-108-CD / Richard Backlund / 20 mule team wagon at Harmony Borax processing plant - Death Valley National Park - California wagons used to transport borax from processing plant / desert old historic
95-3-CD / Lisa Eastman / Close up of little girl with sunglasses - 3 years old / outside spring summer smiling happy pretty

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